About Us

The Seattle Women's Show was created out of a desire to bring women together for a day of pampering, inspiration and connection in a way that Seattle has not seen. The Show introduces attendees to amazing companies, brands and people who they can not only purchase from, but learn from as well. We got together over a glass of wine (of course) to discuss the idea and said, "This type of stylish, innovative and fun event is missing from the Seattle landscape" so -- we decided to create it ourselves!

See you at the Show, October 13th!




Tracy is a serial entrepreneur and social butterfly. She's the CEO of Epiphany Research - a Marketing Research firm that she founded over 20 years ago. Ten years later she launched ChickChat - a female-forward Marketing Insights and Events firm - conducting research for brands large & small; and hosting stylish, informative and inspirational women's networking and social soirees. After visiting Venice, Italy in the early 2000's - Tracy returned home to Seattle and decided to create and host a Venetian Masquerade Ball and, Venice is Sinking (now in its 11th year) was born! Not one to rest on her laurels, in January 2018 Tracy launched The Power of She; an initiative to give exposure to Women-Owned Businesses and encourage people to buy more of what they use from WOB's. www.thepowerofshe.com is the community where that lives online, as well as in www.ThePowerOfSheDirectory.com - which is fast becoming the largest online directory of women-owned businesses. Tracy is passionate about advancing the rights and equality of women and girls around the world and volunteers her time at Page Ahead, WA Women in Need and sponsors a Nepalese girl's education whom she met when visiting there to build a school in her village.


tiffany brown

Tiffany Brown is one of the most highly sought after event planners in the Pacific NW. She's planned and designed events catered to celebrities such as Richard Sherman, Edgar Martinez, Cypress Hill and the Prince and Princess of Luxembourg. Tiffany has partnered on some of the biggest, local PR stunts out there; including the Guinness Book of World Records for Loudest Stadium (Seahawks). Whether her guests are toasting with pint glasses or champagne flutes, she creates some of the most memorable experiences to happen around her clients. Tiffany is the Director of Marketing for the PAC NW NFL Player's Association and spends her creative efforts developing her brand: The Hungry Socialites - celebrity, corporate and non-profit events. And if that wasn't enough, she's launching her own wine brand! Tiffany has a huge heart and financially supports an orphange in Oropesa, Peru, where she adopted her eldest son. The orphanage is currently home to 19 boys. With her enthusiasm, creative vision and years of experience, Tiffany shows no signs of slowing down. Her best is yet to come!

Our Non-Profit Partner

The non-profit partner for The Seattle Women’s Show is TALK IT UP FOUNDATION - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Seattle. The Foundation has an award-winning web series, Talk It Up TV, which is dedicated to positive media and creating solutions to tragedy. We help those who have fallen through the cracks by lifting them back up when they need us most. Instead of walking away, typically seen in today’s media when covering tragedy, we stay and create a positive ending to each story with a life-changing act of kindness. We aim to bring our community together and make it stronger, as well as to inspire kindness and compassion in our viewers. We’ve saved a beloved horse from slaughter, provided clothing and haircuts to the homeless, made a young girl with Treacher Collins Syndrome’s dream of swimming with dolphins come true, reunited a victim of a hate crime with his family, ensured a dad could take paid leave from work to be with his young daughter before she passed, and so much more. Where we can help, we do.


Past Events

Since this is the first year of the Seattle Women's Show, we don't have any images or video from past Shows to share with you; but amongst the four of us - we have over 50 years' experience designing, creating and hosting top-notch, FUN events. To give you an idea of the sort of style and sophistication (and yes...fun!) that we'll bring to the Seattle Women's Show, we thought it best to show you events we've created in the past.